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Ezeka World is a Nigeria based company that deals on the importation of clothing bales, used electronic devices and other items, they also do personal UK shopping for interested clients.
I designed their visual identity and website using Figma and developed the website using WordPress.


Africa, Nigeria, Thrift, Business, E-commerce, Recycling


Ezeka World Global Limited


User Experience Design




I designed and developed the User Interface for this product in 5 core stages; IDEATE, DESIGN, PROTOTYPE, TEST, AND DEVELOP.

The problem

The company is expanding her services to incorporate online shopping, and needs a robust, usable, and reliable website to handle customer needs.

The goal

Design a website with e-commerce features that can increase user engagement and generate revenue.

My role

Visual Design, UX Design, Website development.

Limited disclosure

I designed, prototyped, and tested the website using Figma. After a few iterations, the design deliverables were approved and I went into production.
I developed the e-commerce website on WordPress CMS platform and ensured speed and security are at optimal level.

Due to certain factors, I am not allowed to fully disclose all about how the project was started and completed.
The project Figma prototype can be viewed here


The project has been successfully completed and lives at https://www.ezekaworld.com/

The website has seen 60%+ conversion rate since deployment.

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