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I’m Onyeka — a UX designer dedicated to designing for stellar experiences.


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About me

Hi there! I am Onyeka – and I am fascinated with UX Design and everything in between. I love impactful work, especially when it involves users and digital products. I am committed to problem-solving using design and technology. My skills range from UX and Visual Identity Design to WordPress Design.

As a professional UX Designer with over 4 years of digital design experience and a keen interest in designing effective and accessible digital products, I am dedicated to assisting organizations and individuals in achieving their goals through digital design. I merge analytics with top-notch designs to create stellar user experiences.

I am eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to details, and excellent organizational skills. Motivated to learn, grow and excel in the tech space.

I am proficient in industry-standard "magic tools" like Figma, CorelDraw, and Google Workspace, and I have working knowledge of data analytics platforms such as BigQuery (SQL), Spreadsheets, Tableau, Kaggle, and RStudio (R).

Aside from designing, digitally, for experiences, I love teaching others what I know. I love playing table tennis, visiting the beach, and driving.



Ezeka World

January 2023 – today


November 2022 – March 2023


September 2022 – today


June 2021 – today


Founder / Design Director

August 2017 – today


User Experience Design

Product Design

UI Design

Visual Identity Design

Website and Mobile App UI Design

Webflow Template Customization

Wordpress Theme Customization

WordPress Website Design

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Tech Stack 💻

Figma, CorelDraw

ClickUp, Slack, Discord

Google Workspace

WordPress, Webflow

Miro, Zoom


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